The Magnetic Theatre accepts unsolicited manuscripts of completed full-length, original plays by living writers for consideration for production in our Mainstage Season (which typically runs from February to November each year). The number of productions selected can vary and most productions runs for three to four weeks with nine to twelve public performances. 

As a writers’ theater we are open to considering as wide a range of plays and approaches to playwriting as possible. We are looking for idiosyncratic, accomplished, and diverse theatrical voices. We are especially interested in supporting the growth of playwrights, as well as an audience for their work, in the Western North Carolina region.  

The criteria for being selected for our Mainstage season is subjective. The focus of Mainstage is creating fully realized meaningful theatre experiences for an audience. Here are some guidelines that may help determine whether a play is right for us.

As a rule, we do not typically produce shows that:

  • Require a large cast (more than 9-10 actors) or substantial scenic/technical demands, due to the intimate nature of our venue

  • Direct translations from another language

  • Theatre for Young Audiences

  • Screenplays

  • One-Acts (Collections of one-acts that are thematically linked may be considered.)

  • Musicals - While we have produced musicals in the past, we have limitations on what we can support with regard to live music.

The Magnetic Theatre tends to produce plays that have not received major/recent productions in the Asheville area. We respond primarily to plays with a sure command of language, that are accessible to a diverse and discerning audience, and clear dramatic action that truly uses the resources of live theater. 

If you wish to submit a play for consideration, please include a complete manuscript, bio, resume, and any other supporting materials (e.g. reviews) that might help pique our interest in you and your work.

We don't consider synopses and dialogue samples and will not respond to them.

Due to the small size of our staff, we charge a basic submission fee of $10.00 per submission. If you desire specific feedback about your play, that submission is $30.00. Feedback will include a critical response to your play’s narrative arc, plot structure, thematic content and character development. Our typical response time is about three months, and our Mainstage Season is generally announced two to three months in advance each year.

To submit a play to The Magnetic Theatre, you must pay the submission fee and email your complete manuscript with all supporting materials to Submissions that are not accompanied by submission fees will not be accepted.

To purchase a Basic Play Submission, click here.

To purchase a Play Submission with Feedback, click here.

Playwrights interested in the development of their work, getting coaching or feedback should explore some of the New Play Development opportunities offered by The Magnetic Theatre which include classes, staged readings, and workshops. If interested in these kinds of opportunities, please email